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Just received a delivery from Spiral Cellars.

All we have to do is to assemble it in here. Easy.

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Check out our latest feedback !555956_541590359207742_2146805406_n 163334_541593022540809_1984680024_n 150644_541593092540802_871225652_n 59730_541592989207479_1998094874_n 11912_541590205874424_935105097_n
Well done boys !

Side Return extention and associated works (Extensions)

“We would have no hesitation recommending Andi and Dragos – they did an excellent job on our project which was completed on time and on budget (there were some unforeseen works resulting in extras but these were outside their control – such as finding no existing foundations in one area, their additional price was always more than reasonable for these items). When issues arose they worked well with us and our architect and engineer to find solutions. They were pleasant to have around and worked with a level of diligence and care not normally seen. They wanted to make sure our project was a success and focused on details even we had not seen. Their team was good but one of them was always on hands steering the ship. I was skeptical about whether the reviews on this site could be trusted and was nervous about finding somebody on-line for such a key project with a baby on the way! My husband and I warmed to Andi and Dragos on first meeting, there price was reasonable and we had nothing to fear. You won’t find better builders. ”
Camille Coupe

This was a 12 weeks project . Full refurbishment of 3 bedroom first floor flat in period conversion with new electrics, new central heating . The loft space was converted to one bedroom with en suite shower room and open air terrace.

High quality kitchen and fittings were used and Farrow and Ball paints .1ba2f4dbda36e00fd4abed52bf934524311d234f 57ed0f9ac10e6a7879636a0714581f8618485f6e 86bb40320220cd8d54aaeba787289432eef8f3e9 474e8b9b5e4c7c2f88e34f72015f8bbc98b8d45f 5171cd8e8acef611ef802ec85a9c8c80e2010a99 95973b07aa6f612af619106fcbb1cb69473518eb

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